14 December 2020 | Adventist death row inmate Brandon Bernard, 40, was executed in Indiana Thursday night, December 10. The United States Supreme Court denied last-minute clemency pleas. Bernard was convicted of murder as a teenager.

His was one of five federal executions that will take place over the next few weeks.

On December 8, the North American Division (NAD) of the church released an appeal asking members to pray for Bernard and those making decisions about his fate. 

“Bernard was convicted of a vicious crime committed in 1999, but now people involved in his conviction, including one of the prosecutors who fought to maintain Bernard’s conviction and sentence on appeal, are seeking clemency to change his sentence from death to one of life in prison,” said the NAD statement.

Joining other Adventists raising awareness, Pastor Dwight Nelson, senior pastor of Andrews University-based Pioneer Memorial Church, shared Bernard’s story during the congregation’s December 5 service. Click here to view Nelson’s message.

“The leadership of the North American Division is appealing to members to pray for those involved in the decision regarding Bernard’s sentence; the families of the victims; and Bernard and his family as the scheduled execution draws near,” said the NAD statement.

The NAD also linked to HelpSaveBrandon.com, a site for an effort to prevent Bernard’s execution.

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