Bill Garber

Hi, my name is Bill and I’m a Seventh-day Adventist

So, what keeps me a Seventh-day Adventist?  I count a good number of acquaintances, friends really, who share my experience of Seventh-day Adventism second hand.  Historic Seventh-day Adventists feel closer, though.

Happily, in Seventh-day Adventism one might say everyone is an historic Seventh-day Adventist; including those who never actually became a member and who used to be. I went to school with all the types.  

And that is why I am so inspired by Adventist Today

Adventist Today is a vision realized by life-long Seventh-day Adventists who saw and see that for Seventh-day Adventism, time didn’t stop or start in 1844.  Seventh-day Adventism is lively, as in alive with energy today.  Adventist Today is a space for people aspiring to experience this.   

This is why reading Adventist Today online, and reading the print magazine, and the Adventist Today Facebook page lifts me up. It is here that I share the realization that what doesn’t change cannot be e shared realization that what doesn’t change isn’t threatened by what does, yet can be enlivened.

 Adventist Today online senses itself, like Seventh-day Adventism, as akin to a single cell organism.  The cell thinking, if that is the word for it, occurs in the membrane not the nucleus of the cell.  Adventist Today online senses the membrane of Seventh-day Adventism as you and me and millions more. 

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Comparing notes with you about Adventist Today and from back in the day, or yesterday, or next week or next month interests me; I hope it interests you, too.  I know I’d enjoy hearing from you! My email address is

Here you go: