12 March 2021 | Eva Cristina García Pérez, an Adventist pre-school teacher in Spain, won the Educa Abanca designation for “Best Teacher in Spain 2020.”

Revista Adventista España reported the teacher ranked #8 of ten finalists awarded the prize in the Early Childhood Education category.

Pérez attends Murcia Adventist Church in south-eastern Spain. She has taught for over 20 years.

The Educa Abanca awards recognize teachers in Spain who stand out for their educational quality, their teaching, how they treat students and the interest they show in the development of students.

This year, the Early Childhood Education category saw 233 entries submitted, with 10 finalists selected.

“One of my biggest secrets to doing well at work is to say a prayer before I go to school. On the way to school, in the car, I pray, daily, to the Lord for His direction and help, and I think that’s my big difference from the other nominees,” said Pérez.

Image source: EUD

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