24 December 2020 | Two Adventists were recently assigned as chaplains in the Australian Defence Force (ADF) for the first time in its history.

The Adventist Record (the official Adventist news outlet covering the South Pacific) reported Pastor Miljan Popovic was assigned as an Air Force chaplain and Pastor Gys Seegers as an Army Reserve chaplain earlier this year. Their job is to provide pastoral support to ADF members and their families.

The chaplain positions in the ADF receive 70,000 applications a year and in this financial year, the organization was only looking to appoint 22 chaplains.

Currently Pastor Popovic and Pastor Seegers are both in training aimed at strengthening skills in leadership, teamwork, ethics, psychology, counselling and other areas.

Pastor Popovic is currently posted at Amberley base in Ipswich, Queensland.

Pastor Seegers is based at the Australian Army Cadet headquarters in Perth, Western Australia.

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