19 August 2022  |

Mike Tucker believes the entire world is grieving. COVID, monkeypox, war, climate change, economic downturns, and more have made it impossible for anyone to feel normal. Loss has become a constant and unavoidable part of life. Mike shares his experience with loss and what it has taught him about God, himself, and life. “Tears to Joy” provides key tools for facing grief and finding peace.

As a counselor and hospice chaplain, Mike knew the material for grief recovery and helped countless through their grief. When he experienced his own great loss, Mike was able to confirm which resources and materials were most helpful and reliable in the process of recovery. The seminar teaches normal reactions to loss and offers practical steps for those who are in grief. Mike’s very public experience with grief has already encouraged many through their own journey of grief.

Mike Tucker is the Speaker Emeritus of Faith for Today Television, and co-host of the award-winning television program, Lifestyle Magazine. He conducts seminars such as “Mad About Marriage,” “Good Grief,” and “The Choice,” and serves as a teaching pastor for Canyon Creek Project, a church plant in Richardson, Texas. Mike has served as a pastor, counselor, academy Bible teacher, youth pastor, ministerial secretary, and senior chaplain for medical and psychiatric facilities.

Mike has authored several books, including Meeting Jesus in the Book of Revelation, Every Good Thing, and Ten Keys to a Happy Marriage. His most recent book, Tears to Joy, shares his own journey of grief after losing his wife and ministry partner of 40 years. His small group curriculum, The Grief Sessions, offers loving support for anyone in grief. Mike has remarried and lives in the Dallas, Texas, area with his wife, Pam, a gospel singer from Canada. He enjoys spending time with his wife, daughters, sons-in-law, and grandchildren. Mike describes himself as the happiest bad golfer you’ll ever meet!


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