by Loren Seibold, March 5, 2016: I’m proud to announce a new design for the Adventist Today website, which will unfold over the next several days. Many of us have noted that our web site was becoming outdated, in both look and functionality. Thanks to the hard work of our webmaster, Warren Nelson, and our designer, Rachel Fernando at Red Fern Creative, we’ve created a new look that we hope will enhance your browsing experience.

I’m writing this introduction for two reasons.

First, to ask you to be patient. Whenever we make changes to something familiar, we’re likely to encounter problems. Things may not look quite right, or work quite right every time. That’s because we’re learning, too, how to use the new website.

Second, if you’ve got ideas for how the site can be made to work a bit better, or be better organized, let us know. We’ll be monitoring the comments here for ideas.

Oh, one more thing. This website is one of the most-read websites in the Seventh-day Adventist family. How do we keep it going? It’s not free. If you read something here today that pleased you, inspired you, challenged you, or even upset you (in a constructive way), then follow this link, and give us a gift. Please?

I can’t thank you enough!

LGS4Loren Seibold is the Executive Editor of Adventist Today.