18 April 2022  |

Dear Adventist Today,

In this part of the world, Adventist Today has taken a significant hit because of the article describing the firing of Gale Crosby from the Oregon Conference.  The article was unsigned, and gave the distinct impression that the decision by the Oregon Conference was supported by solid evidence and was correct in its decision to terminate Crosby.

But here in the northwest, Gale Crosby has established a well-earned reputation as a competent and compassionate friend of Adventist education. No formal evidence has been cited against him.  As far as the auditors were concerned, there were no red flags—they never sounded an alarm.

The independent press should be the one to call into question decisions by the church, especially when a decision flies in the face of an established track record.  Instead, Adventist Today seems to have simply assumed that all was in order.

It would help to restore Adventist Today’s reputation if it could assume the watchdog role that should be the watchword for the independent press, and address what appears to have been a gross injustice against Gale Crosby by the Oregon Conference. Assign a writer or writer to investigate the matter. Since the conference (rightly) refuses to disclose personnel matters, the least Adventist Today could do is give a sympathetic ear to Crosby’s side of the story.  And when the story is finished, your “investigator” should sign his/her name.

From what I have heard, it was the conference that erred.  I would urge Adventist Today to address the issue forthwith.  It if does not, everyone loses.

Alden Thomson
College Place, Washington

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