From AAW – 16 September 2020 | Finding Purpose in Uncertain Times is the theme for Association of Adventist Women (AAW) conferences beginning October 10, 5-6 PM Pacific time.

Leading in Uncertain Times is the topic to be presented by Linda Becker, Ph.D., Union College. Helen Staples-Evans, DNP, LLU Health, will facilitate questions and comments made by Andrea Luxton, Ph.D.; Andrews University President; Ella Simmons, Vice President of the General Conference; and Olive J. Hemmings, Ph.D., Washington Adventist University professor of ethics and religion.

COVID-19 presents problems in leading and participating in church programs and outreach. The conference is geared to show ways that various ministries can still be effective.

In this uncertain time there is room for leadership in ways previously unimaginable.

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Self Care in Uncertain Times: October 17. Speakers/Panelists: Sheryll Prinz-McMillan, Beverly Buckles, Anita Roberts, Jamie Stodola, Rita Mercer.

Ministering in Uncertain Times: October 24.  Speakers/Panelists: Sandra Roberts, Dr. Hyveth Williams, Bev Maravilla, Marianne Dyrud, Lola Moore Johnston, Dr. Nandi Fleming.

Serving in Uncertain Times: October 31. Speakers/Panelists: Joy-Marie Butler, Dr. Sandra Brooks, Elina Camerena, Judy Rogers, Cynthia Prime.

Creating Health in Uncertain Times: November 7. Speakers/Panelists: Gwendolyn Winston Foster, Miranda Bates, Amanda Maggard, Dr. Guerrero-Woolley, Dr. Kathy Hayes Arct.

Creating Community in Uncertain Times: November 14. Speakers/panelists: Dr. Lori Barker, Dr. Yamileth Bazan, Sharissa Roxas, Melody Tan, Rev. Bronica Martindale-Taylor.

Woman of the Year Awards Presentations: November 14, 8 PM.

Support AAW women globally by your annual membership and donations to online and see the November awards program as a thank you from AAW. Men are welcome to join also. Champion of Justice Award will be acknowledged for 2019 and presented to this year’s co-recipients. AAW’s telephone: 951.837.1450.

AAW President, Dr. Nerida Bates, brings women speakers from Europe, Africa, South Pacific, Australia and the United States to the table. Awards will be given to women from Norway, Peru, and the US.

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