2 August 2018 | The first two days of the annual convention for ASI (Adventist-laymen’s Services & Industries) held this year in Orlando, Florida, have featured presentations, panels, networking in an exhibition hall as well as the start of a two-day series of meetings specifically tailored to young professionals and entrepreneurs.

The convention this year is themed Business Unusual and is taking place at the Rosen Shingle Creek Resort in the Orlando area. The daily schedule starts at 7:00 AM and doesn’t officially end until 10:30 PM. A YouTube vlog about the convention posted to ASI’s Facebook page featured Kristi Jensen, ASI’s editor and communications coordinator, interviewing different participants at the convention.

She highlighted one of the lesser-known components of the convention: programming for kids. “If you have kids, if you are a kid or if you are acting like a kid, we have a place for you,” said Jensen, showing children busy making cards for the hotel staff.

Jensen also featured Shelter from the Storm, an exhibitor and ASI ministry that provides housing to ex-offenders as well as Charcoal House which specializes in selling charcoal products to a long list of customers including the International Space Station.

One of the presentations so far was Jo Ann Davidson’s Thursday afternoon talk, “The Great Sabbath Welcome: Revisiting the Glories of God’s Gift of Time.” Davidson, a professor at the Adventist theological seminary at Andrews University, challenged her audience to more meaningfully celebrate the Sabbath, sharing practical tips on how to do so. Other segments have included a panel sharing tips for entrepreneurial success and health related presentations.

The convention is billed as a place for Adventist laypeople to encourage each other and share ideas as they run organizations that are supportive of the Adventist Church. It aims to inspire and equip those that attend to do denominational outreach in their communities.

Alongside the main ASI Convention, the ASI Young Professional Conference will be running on Thursday and Friday, August 2-3. The event aims to inspire Adventist students, young professionals and entrepreneurs who are interested in tools for ministry. The event features a list of speakers and mentors and provides networking opportunities for attendees.

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