11 August 2020 | Pastor Joshua Maponga, a controversial Adventist pastor active in the Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division of the denomination, has been banned from speaking to Adventist congregations in the region.

Originally from Zimbabwe, Maponga had publicly called for the decolonization of Christianity, which he claimed depicted a white Jesus and promoted white culture.

According to Gambia’s Kalemba news site, the division’s Evangelism, Personal Ministries and Nurture and Retention Director, Michael Rugube Ngwaru, had voiced concerns about both the content of Maponga’s preaching and his communication style.

Maponga is banned from attending, speaking, preaching and officiating at any function of the Church in Southern and Indian-Ocean regions.

South Africa’s Sunday World reported on July 29 that Maponga is launching a legal challenge against his suspension, demanding it be lifted.

The newspaper reported that Maponga had recently preached that Christianity was not created to serve the black race, especially not in Africa.

Maponga allegedly preached that Africa was on a cross, crucified by the West and other powers.

In addition to his duties as an Adventist pastor, the preacher has carved out a reputation as a motivational speaker, philosopher and musician.

According to the Briefly news site, Maponga graduated with a BA in theology and personal ministries from Andrews University in Michigan and has been an Adventist minister since 1991.

Image: Defeat of the Ashantees, by the British forces under the command of Coll. Sutherland, July 11th 1824 – public domain.

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