October 25, 2016:    Southern Adventist University is currently home to a treasure trove of ancient seals.

Billed by Yale professor Benjamin Foster as “the finest exhibition on ancient seals in terms of presentation, approach-ability and scholarly input” on display today, “The World in Miniature” exhibit consists of 65 seals and artifacts ranging from 1.5 inches in size to less than half an inch.

Dating back to biblical times, the seals are tucked into a small, basement-level display space.

The exhibit comprises pieces borrowed from the Yale Babylonian Collection, the Bade Museum at Pacific School of Religion at Berkeley and the Horn Archaeological Museum at Andrews University.

The seals aid scholars in the study of ancient existential attitudes relating to questions of origin and how humans relate to their environment.

They were used in ancient times for important functions such as transferring authority, sealing documents and securing property. Seals were typically worn around the neck or wrist.

Various deities are depicted by images of nature and are representative of seals used in ancient cultures from Mesopotamia to Egypt.

Those craving a tangible memory of the museum experience have an opportunity to create their own emblems with tools fashioned to mimic seal-making instruments of ancient times.