8 September 2022 | Several accomplished women are leading the discussion of women’s ministerial roles throughout 2,000 years, at a Loma Linda University Church (LLUC) Sabbath School class.

The LLUC Sabbath Seminars discussion class meets in room 3208 Centennial Building on the LLU campus for local participants, at 10:30 AM Pacific Time.

Zoom participants, please register in advance by sending an email to mkootsey@gmail.com

The presentations will cover portions of the book Women in the Mission of the Church: Their Opportunities and Obstacles throughout Christian History.

*Physical and Kindle versions of the book are available on Amazon.

Below is a schedule of presentations:

  • 9/10   “Mothers, Sisters, Empresses, and Queens” and “Medieval Nuns”(Chs 4 and 5, pp 59-104), by Sasha Ross
  • 9/17   “Beguines and Mystics” (Ch 5, pp 105-122), by Olive Hemmings
  • 9/24   “Women Preachers in America” (Ch 6, pp 125-144), by Karen Darnell
  • 10/1   “Social Justice Activists,” (Ch 7, pp 145-160), by Ginger Harwood
  • 10/8   “Denominational Missionaries and Bible Women,” (Ch 8, pp 161-182), by Linda Becker
  • 10/15  “Faith Missionaries, Evangelists, and Church Founders” (Ch 9, pp 183-202), by Pastor Cheryl Raine
  • 10/22   “Conclusion: Women’s Leadership in the Church” (Ch 10, pp 203-213), and a report on women in Adventist ministry worldwide by Marina Garner & Nerida Bates.                                    
  • 10/29  Comments by the book’s lead author, Leanne Dzubinski
  • 11/5  Women in the Broad Mission of the Church, a panel discussion: Catherine Lee, convener; Barbara Orr, Elizabeth Rogers, Dana Stelien, and Priscilla Walters

All are welcome!

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