I am writing to say I enjoyed both the “Agnostic Before Christmas” and “Humbug?” Good articles by both. We get a feeling for how a secular person might view Christmas, and it’s not so not unlike ourselves. It’s a magical time of year. Christmas relates to that spiritual place in all of us that brain scientists have recently discovered.

Now for the letters. I speak as an Independent voter who could not vote for Clinton with all her baggage which Webb accurately points out. We have to trust our leaders, and I could not trust this person. I was not excited about Trump’s demeanor either. But I became caught up in the debate when I heard the untrue and unfair comments of the press.

The most important aspect of any publication or media is that it be fair. And that is how I judge AT. I am not conservative or liberal politically and dislike labels. But I have to agree with Webb that you were not being fair when you made Trump a prime example of female harassment and used Dr. Seibold’s negative comment. This isn’t a political journal; we can get such “news” from the public media.

Choosing to use Trump in the Nelson article showed a nasty bias coming out at the time of the election–not a coincidence! It is unfortunate that so many women didn’t think realistically about the Trump taping. In all fairness Nelson would have had to point out the behavior of Presidents Clinton, Johnson, Kennedy, and others over the years. But no one accidentally recorded their raunchy speech. Clinton’s behavior was worse. It’s noteworthy that Trump’s so-called accusers stopped coming out when he threatened to sue them.

I do appreciate the letters being put on line. I notice there is no way to comment on any of the blogs this time. I hope this is not a new direction of only printing opinion pieces with no exchange.


Ella Rydzewski