April 14, 2016:    In at least one district in the British Commonwealth country of Saint Lucia both of the candidates for parliament are Adventists. A representative of the Adventist denomination was quoted by the St Lucia Times referring to this situation as “unfortunate” and reminding local churches that denominational policy prohibits presentations about candidates or political parties during church activities.

The incumbent member of parliament for Castries South East is Guy Joseph from the United Workers Party, an Adventist church member. And so is Joachim Henry, the candidate running against him from the Labor Party.

Dr. Robert Lewis, member of parliament from Castries South is also an Adventist, according to the newspaper. And, “a number of Seventh-day Adventists have in the past taken part in elective politics.”

The Adventist representative quoted by the newspaper cautioned against the possibilities of division and conflict within the church during an election season. He also stated that Adventists who run for office or participate in government must “ensure what they say on the political platform is ‘guarded’ and wholesome.”

The Caribbean island nation has a population of 174,000 of which seven percent identified themselves as Adventists in the most recent official census. It is the largest Protestant denomination in the country where 70 percent of the population is Catholic due to its origins as a French colony.