31 March 2020  |   A greeting to a pentecostal conference recorded in Italian by Pope Francis has gone viral among Adventists six years after it was made, because of a fake translation given in English captions.

The creator of the fake video is unknown.

In January 2014 Pope Francis recorded a simple message in Italian on a phone camera for use at a Charismatic Evangelical Leadership Conference led by Kenneth Copeland. Francis spoke on the recording about brotherhood and love, and a desire for Christian unity. The message was shown at the conference, and at the end Copeland prayed for the Pope and recorded a message back to him.

Recently the video has resurfaced with fake captions in which the pope voices Seventh-day Adventist end-time myths. The pope is made to say that “I have a secret agenda to deceive you. Yes, it looks good to unite people in one world religion. That way I control them better. And have you all worship me. And in doing this you will really receive the mark of the beast.”

The fake captions continue in this vein:

If someone came to you and told you to go to that church because the Holy Spirit is there, you say to them. I will only go if you keep God’s law especially the Sabbath, SATURDAY… NOT Sunday…we, the leaders in the Catholic church really changed God’s law big time. We got rid of the second law, changed the fourth law and then we divided the 10th into two… You have all been deceived by this silly and crafty deception of ours. So now you worship idols, and pray to MARY, but she is dead. … But I am the man of sin mentioned in the Bible. And the Bible calls the Catholic Church the mother of harlots. It is shocking I know. But what is even more shocking is about most protestants—apostate protestants. That’s what Christ calls them, but GOD’S WORD refers to them as daughters of the harlot. Because they all are eventually going to join their mother, And together we will receive the Mark of the Beast which is the SUNDAY LAW. And those who still choose to keep the Saturday Sabbath will be hunted like dogs.

It also mentions popular preachers and movies:

Your ears were so itchy that you listened to JOYCE MEYER and Joel Osteen. And you think that you could be a Christian and watch the hobbit: the Desolation Smaug. Not only that but also Game of Thrones, the dance of dragons, not to mention LEGO movie 2 that was recently released. 

The entire fake transcript can be read here. The fake video can be seen here. 

Pope Francis’ actual words in Italian are about love and unity in the Christian community. He says nothing about the mark of the beast, Sabbath, or hunting down sabbathkeepers like dogs. Excerpts from the real address:

Two rules: Love God above all. And love your neighbor, because he is your brother and sister. With these two rules we can go ahead.… [I am] joyful because it gives me joy that you have come together to worship Jesus Christ the only Lord. And to pray to the Father and to receive the Holy Spirit. This brings me joy because we can see that God is working all over the world. … We are kind of—permit me to say—separated. Separated because, it’s sin that has separated us, all our sins, the misunderstandings throughout history. … It has been a long road of sins that we all shared in. Who is to blame? We all share the blame. We have all sinned. …

We are brothers; let us give each other that spiritual embrace and allow the Lord to complete the work he has begun. Because this is a miracle: the miracle of unity has begun.… Let’s allow our longing to increase so that it propels us to find each other, embrace each other and to praise Jesus Christ as the only Lord of history.

Again, the captions on the video are fake, and do not match with what the pope is actually saying in Italian.

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