August 18, 2017:      Adventists and other Christians who are fed up with the moral, political and religious dialogue of recent months have formed Common Good Christians (CGC) with the express purpose of shifting the focus to Bible-based, Christ-centered values. “Every morning we wake up to a daily political molestation session foisted on the nation by the president and his cohort,” says a statement from CGC. “Yet we can sense something else, under the surface, another American revolution is brewing, this one of Love.”

“We are learning, we are finding one another, and we are having growing faith in what we can do together across our group boundaries that none of us can do alone,” said Samir Selmanovic, coordinator for the group and an ordained Adventist minister.

The well-known Christian author Brian McLaren will join Selmanovic for a Webinar on Tuesday, August 22, at 8 pm Eastern / 5 pm Pacific time. The one-hour free webcast is entitled “Afraid No More.”

“Brian McLaren and I are stepping out with our little conversation of hope,” Selmanovic told Adventist Today. “It is a small but important event that will seek to articulate the coming and inevitable rising of a non-nuts Christian plurality, supported by our friends from other religions or no religion at all.”

McLaren’s latest book The Great Spiritual Migration: How the Worlds’ Largest Religion Is Seeking a Better Way to Be Christian explores the spiritual, theological, and organizational migration we are all experiencing. “As for me, my whole life has been one great spiritual migration,” Selmanovic said. “I have been enchanted, disenchanted, and then re-enchanted, full circle.”

“We hope to awaken your shyest hopes and remotest dreams and stimulate much-needed conversations. Please join us, register, invite friends, family, church members, your jogging buddies who are cheering you or anyone interested in what is bubbling ever faster right under the surface of one of the great religions.”

You will be able to ask questions directly during the program, as well as get a free copy of McLaren’s new book. Learn more about the content and register here:

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