From APD, February 1, 2017:     When United States President Donald Trump banned entry to the country from seven nations in the Middle East and Africa earlier this week, it raised concern for students on Adventist university and college campuses in America. All have significant numbers of foreign students and three have recently been noted in national news publications as having exceptionally diverse student bodies; Andrews University (AU), La Sierra University and Pacific Union College.

AU responded immediately with a memo to students advising them to stay in the vicinity of the campus and not leave the country. The international border with Canada is only 200 miles east of Berrien Springs, Michigan, where the university is located. It has students from 92 countries around the world. More than nine in ten Adventists live outside the U.S.

“The diverse mix … is essential to the richness and strength of the campus community,” stated Dr. Andrea Luxton, university president. “We look forward to continuing to welcome students from around the world.” AU is the leading Adventist institution of higher education and has many graduate students preparing for leadership positions in the denomination and Adventist educational institutions globally.

The concern is that students with valid student visas may leave the country and not be able to get back in because of unpredictable changes taking place in U.S. policy. Similar counsel has been given to foreign students on other Adventist campuses in the U.S.

APD is the news service operated by Adventists in Europe. Adventist Today staff contributed additional reporting to this story.