September 5, 2017:   Adventist pastors in North America have been invited to attend a webinar on abuse issues. The enditnow summit will take place on September 11 (in English) and September 12 (in Spanish.)

It will be live streamed from the new headquarters of the North American Division (region) of the Adventist denomination.

An August 14 letter from Dan Jackson, president of the Adventist Church in North America, framed abuse as “a huge issue in the news and in the church over the past number of years.”

The enditnow slogan is “Love Shouldn’t Hurt, Break the Silence and End it Now.”

The event aims to train pastors in how to prevent abuse in their communities. Jackson said it will educate Adventist pastors on how to lead “morally and legally” when abuse takes place in the church setting.

Jackson said that the NAD had recently been “challenged in renewing our liability insurance and one of the factors was the expensive history of abuse settlements.”

He added “We MUST address this issue.”

The enditnow website states that the NAD “recognizes that children and men, as well as women, are victims of abuse. God abhors abuse of EVERY kind, and we are working to prevent it.”

Pastors are encouraged to watch the event individually or in groups. Event sign up is at

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