by AT News Team

She has already been interviewed on NBC television’s Today show and The Early Show on CBS television as well as in The Chicago Tribune, The San Francisco Chronicle  and a number of well-known women’s magazines. Shasta Nelson’s new book will be released February 12, but you can already order it on and other major on-line booksellers and copies will probably be shipped starting in the next week or two.
Entitled Friendships Don’t Just Happen the volume is non-fiction and in the “personal development” category. Chapter 1 describes the need for friends that is a large issue in today’s fast-paced and often ephemeral society, including the fact that it is normal for friendships to shift often, and advocates that people should be more intentional about finding and nurturing friendships. Other chapters discuss the various levels of friendship, how to handle vulnerability and forgiveness, as well as the steps involved in personal growth.
“Maintaining meaningful friendships is a crucial element in health and success,” one pastor told Adventist Today. “Many people are failing at this aspect of life and it undercuts everything else. Nelson speaks to this need very powerfully and very helpfully.” He plans to encourage a small group in his church to read the book and discuss it together.
It is “an inspiring book that empowers women to reach out and connect as individuals,” said Dr. Irene S. Levine, professor of psychiatry at New York University School of Medicine. “At a time when so many people are ‘friending’ one another online yet reporting feelings of loneliness, this book reminds us that friendships worth creating are done with intention and significance,” commented Dr. Dale Atkins, a psychologist and media commentator.
Nelson served as an Adventist pastor before she became a life coach and a nationally recognized expert on friendship. She is the founder and CEO of, the only online community that matches new friends off line by connecting local women in cities across the country. Her new book builds on the success of her social networking enterprise, her training and experience as a pastor committed to personal growth and healthy community, and her coaching practice based in San Franciso.
Turner Publishing Company has been recognized by Publisher’s Weekly as the fastest growing book publisher among the major New York companies. The book is already listed at The author also provides additional resources and information at  and will be involved in speaking appointments and book-signing across the United States this spring.