6 August 2021 | AdventHealth, the Adventist hospital network headquartered in Altamonte, Florida, has purchased The Holy Land Experience, a theme park, for $32 million.

AdventHealth plans to convert the theme park into a medical campus to serve Orlando residents.

Discussing the purchase, AdventHealth Comms Director Amy Pavuk-Gentry said to the Orlando Business Journal, “it’s important that residents have access to health care that’s close to home, convenient and comprehensive.”

The 15-acre Holy Land Experience was a Christian theme park that was previously owned by Trinity Broadcasting Network.

“Since its founding, the attraction has been overt about its mission to proselytize as well as educate and entertain. The park boasted theatrical productions and reenactments of stories from the life of Jesus and the Hebrew Scriptures. The Christian community Live Church Orlando holds its worship services in its 2,000-seat Church of All Nations theater,” reported Religion News Service.

RNS reported the park had suffered financially despite the fact that it’s openly religious mission and an annual day of free admission has exempted it from property taxes in Florida. The park has been closed since March 2000 due to the pandemic but opened for two free admission days in April 2021.

Trinity Broadcasting Network announced in January 2020, that the park would focus on displaying biblical artifacts and education while ending live performances and reenactments. It laid off 118 employees the following month.

According to RNS, the sale of The Holy Land Experience to AdventHealth closed on August 2.

Image: The Holy Land Experience theme park in Orlando, Florida. Photo by Zfigueroa/Creative Commons

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