Dear Editor, Adventist Today,

I am writing to appeal to the Adventist Church leaders both in East Kenya Union and the East and Central Africa Division to rethink their stand, and meet the brothers of the Nairobi Metropolitan Conference and discuss their differences in a cordial and understanding way. I strongly believe we have a great resource of other church members who can work with them and resolve this matter. I am not aware of any steps these union and division leaders have taken to try to work out the differences. From reliable sources, I can see lots of activity going on within the new group which I feel is going to put a lot of pressure on both the leaders and the local congregations involved. It is my earnest desire that we work to ease our differences and pray that we do not continue to see divisions in our church. Once again I would like to appeal to our church leaders and laity to sincerely pray and ask God for guidance in this matter. I believe we can resolve this matter by God’s grace.

May God bless our church leaders and laity in Kenya with a spirit of humility and forgiveness so that these differences may be solved amicably and God’s work will continue.

In Christian love,
David Onchagwa

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