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Ron Graybill’s “My Life with Ellen White,” is a varied and colorful story of Ron’s more than half a century as an Ellen White scholar.  There has been insight and intrigue, genetics and genealogy, courage and cowardice, legend and legacy, myth and music, portraits and parodies.

Guest teacher:

Ronald Graybill’s early scholarship earned him an invitation to the Ellen G. White Estate to assist Arthur L. White in writing a six-volume biography of his grandmother. During his 13 years at the White Estate, Ron completed his doctorate in American religious history at Johns Hopkins University, then taught for a decade at La Sierra University. He spent another decade preparing annual community health reports for Loma Linda University Medical Center and leading grassroots community health projects.


Phil Muthersbaugh is a retired pastor and mental health counselor, living in the Walla Walla area.

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This class is in the past. You can listen to the presentation here.


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