by Debbonnaire Kovacs

#3: It has a quiet place at the center.

This is possibly the most special thing about the labyrinth–not just that it has a quiet place, but that it reminds me that I have one, too. Really. No matter what chaos, excitement, sorrow, joy, frustration, or loneliness is swirling around my head and through my guts and all the way down, down—
Not quite.
There's always one more step, one more corner to turn, one more hidden doorway, and there it is. The quiet center. A murmur of peace. A whisper of Spirit wind.
The lines of tension around my eyes smooth just a little. The muscles in my neck start to release, to unknot. My stomach churns a bit more slowly. My breathing calms.
A surprising light dawns behind my closed eyes, and I am not alone.
I never was.
I remember.
I re-member.
The door of my imprisoning ark opens, and the rainbow arches over a whole new world.

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