10 December 2018 | A speaker featured at the launch of Zimbabwe’s chapter of Adventist-Laymen’s Services and Industries (ASI), has called out widespread corruption in the country for derailing the nation’s economy.

“As we look at the economic challenges we face today, they are not mainly to do with economics but with ethics and values. If you read papers and watch news, evidence of business and professional malpractice are the order of the day,” said Mr C. Dick, head of ASI Zimbabwe.

“Even people whom we look at and think of as women and men of integrity, have dipped their fingers in corruption and other vices, an indication of a deep problem that can only be offset by a change that authors ethical, normative and spiritual dynamics,” said the new ASI president.

Senior Adventist leaders in the country as well as Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe officials attended the event.

Bulawayo Provincial Minister of State, Judith Ncube, launched the ASI chapter, critiquing rampant market corruption including inflated pricing that she claimed manipulates the poor. Ncube said that the government was taking steps to protect the poor from this kind of abuse.

Zimbabwe’s Chronicle newspaper described ASI as “a brainchild of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church” which “seeks to bring all business people, professionals and entrepreneurs together to find ways of assisting the economy considering the obtaining challenges in the country.”

The Adventist denomination has approximately a million members in Zimbabwe.

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