LaSierra University invited alumnus Shasta Nelson to present their TEDx talk on their campus recently and her topic was about meaningful friendships. Watch the video to get the details, but her basic premise is that healthy friendships take consistency, positivity, and vulnerability to be the most effective.
And that got us thinking about the friendship Adventist Today has with you.
Consistency — you can count on us posting a news item, a commentary piece, an introduction to an innovator, the print & PDF magazines, or online newsletter on a regular basis. We’re breaking a story, telling you why a story is important, or if it’s true. In reader surveys, you tell us you can trust us. And we take that seriously. We want you to depend on us as your first source of Adventist news, commentary, resources, and innovative ministry ideas.
Positivity —  repeatedly over the past 18 months you’ve been telling us how much you like the more positive tone of the magazine and online content. You notice the shift we’ve made, and you want us to continue in that direction. While you want us to shine bright lights into dark place and bring to you the honest truth, you also want us to be kind. And because we’ve been doing that, you have something you can depend on. We’d like to be your friend when you need one.
Vulnerability — if it was not for you and your generous support, our writers and editors would be producing wonderful personal blogs, but not the widely circulated new content that you enjoy each day. And the editorial team is supported by the technical, development, publishing, customer service, and event planning teams. While we’re lean and spend your support wisely, it does take money to provide ministry, and we have to push past our timidity to ask for funding and say with confidence, we believe Adventist Today is worth supporting, that independent journalism is never free, and we need to hear from you now more than ever.
Over the past 10 days we have been asking you to help us raise $22,500 from readers around the world who believe in the mission of Adventist Today and want to see it fully funded. On this last day of our Winter Membership Drive, won’t you please become a member today. There’s plenty of room for you to get involved to push us over the finish line.
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