by Adam Hendron

We cannot be very near the end, since there are so many Emergent Christians now on the scene. So goes the theory put forth by one responding to the May 30 blog: “Emergent Theology and the Omega of Heresies.” 

The comment cites Christ’s rhetorical question, “When the Son of Man cometh, will He find faith on the earth?” Faith will be in scarce supply at that time, it seems.  But the Emerging Church is not likely to forestall final events, since their faith is significantly different from that which Christ noted. 

The Greek reads literally, “will He find the faith.” The missing article says a lot. It points to a particular kind of belief, i.e. “the faith that was once delivered to the saints.” This is a singular entity – among many decoys, rivals, and mutations – and therefore must be contended for.

There has been a falling away from the apostolic faith, that the man of sin might be revealed. The “lawless one” presents a different kind of belief system; one that downplays God’s law and exalts man as being on a level with the Almighty; two qualities concurrent with Emergent theology. 

“Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.” Scripture, therefore, is integral to The Faith. But the new system (which is ancient mysticism) is based less upon a rational reading of the Bible and more upon impressions.

Contemplative Prayer – part of the Emergent faith that is not generally predicated on the forensic justification of Christ’s atonement – leaves minds wide-open to Satanic influence. It is spiritualism. 

Today’s growing interest in a generic and unqualified “spirituality” may be largely due demonic inspiration. The end comes to a world that has become possessed of unclean spirits. Everyone will be worshipping, in some form or another.

Yes, Jesus will find plenty of faith on the earth when He returns, but not of the sort which He desires. Yet with primitive godliness like that of apostolic times, a small remnant keep the faith which Christ once delivered to the saints. This changeless, everlasting gospel may not be all the rage, but it will withstand God’s wrath, in that hour.