29 September 2020 | Earlier today, the Ellen G. White Estate shared a series of photos of Elmshaven, Ellen White’s final home, and its surroundings. The Facebook photos showed the St. Helena, California, home unscathed while surroundings had burned.

“The fires reached Elmshaven and miraculously it was spared,” said the White Estate Facebook post.

Echoing the White Estate’s tone, Elmshaven manager Pastor Abner Castañón told ABC 7 News that he put the survival of Elmshaven down to protection by an angel.

The first photo shared by the White Estate (above) is of Elmshaven looking entirely untouched by the fire.

A second photo shows burned woodlands close to Elmshaven:

The third photo shows the Elmshaven post and sign intact while everything around it has burned:

Next there is a photo a neighbor’s fence that burned near the Elmshaven sign:

The White Estate included a picture of an Elmshaven sign in good condition:

The last photo shows Elmshaven’s archway in good shape:

“Thank you for everyone who was praying,” says the White Estate Facebook post, “Please continue to pray for all those who have suffered loss in the fires.”

One heavy loss to the Adventist community is the nearby Foothills Adventist Elementary School in Deer Park that lost one of the buildings on its campus to the fire.

The Haven Adventist Church Community Service Center, located near the Foothills Elementary School, was also destroyed.

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