by Clive Holland

Have you ever pondered over the leadership vacuum that likely existed following Ellen White's death in 1915? Was the Adventist Church firmly enough established to no longer need or want her advice and direction. In recent days the Camping followers created significant media attention with their prediction of the end of the world at 6:00 pm on May 21.

The voice of San posted an article, generated on the interest of Camping's end-of-world predictions. However, this focused on similar skewed predictions by self-styled Seventh-day Adventist prophet and prophetess in 1925.

"Such was the prediction of a pair of renegade Seventh-day Adventists who turned themselves into a prophet and prophetess of doom. One was a wallpaper-hanger from New York and the other a Hollywood homemaker who liked to claim visions and later tried to kill one of her former supporters.

The 1925 doomsday business began with the prophetess, one Margaret Rowen. She wasn't new to the news. Since 1916, she'd been having visions and claiming to be a successor to Ellen White, a founder of the Seventh-day Adventist Church."

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