From ANN, September 21, 2017:    An Adventist radio program in Burundi called IJWI RY’INZAMBA Y’IHEREZO, or the Voice of Final Trumpet, has gone viral thanks to innovative use of the phone app WhatsApp.

The program which airs on the national radio station is hosted by the Adventist Church and is popular with speakers of the Kirundi language.

The show debuted a year ago, airing on Saturdays. It has gained an international following after the program’s presenter made past shows available online on WhatsApp.

As listeners are able to listen to past episodes at will, the show picked up listeners around the world with many calling in to express their gratitude for the programming.

Listeners access past programs through WhatsApp groups. Three groups have reached the maximum capacity of 256 participants and a fourth has now been formed to continue disseminating the programming.

The show is downloaded in Australia, the United States, Asia and across Africa. Listeners download not just the show but copies of the denomination’s Sabbath School lesson study guide.

IJWI RY’INZAMBA Y’IHEREZO features practical teachings from the Bible as well as answers to often controversial questions submitted by listeners of different backgrounds and faiths.

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