by Jack Hoehn

“ORIGINS” Sabbath School Lesson 9 tries to cover a lot of ground with pronouncements on extramarital sex, homosexuality, and advice on gender roles in human marriage. Perhaps we can refocus our attention on the amazing fact of sexual reproduction at all, and what that tells us about the Creator’s intentions with male and female.


In her 2005 book, evolutionary biologist Elisabeth Anne Lloyd, has exposed the inadequacy of the attempts by male Darwinists to explain an evolutionary justification for sexuality, especially the reason that evolution would create female pleasure in sex. She identifies 21 attempts to do so, but she debunks them all! Lloyd writes, “It may seem to be obvious that the female orgasm has an evolutionary function, but the obviousness of this conclusion must be reevaluated after looking at the relevant evidence. It turns out that no one has ever adequately shown a function for the female orgasm in increasing either fertility or reproductive success.” (1.)

While sexual reproduction of plants, animals, and humans obviously is a very clever, very useful, and very intelligent way to provide variety, vigor, and success to our offspring, it is mind-boggling to explain how this highly specified complexity could spontaneously arise without a Master plan requiring it.

Carl Zimmer wrote honestly: “Sex is not only unnecessary, but it ought to be a recipe for evolutionary disaster. For one thing, it is an inefficient way to reproduce…. And sex carries other costs as well…. By all rights, any group of animals that evolves sexual reproduction should be promptly outcompeted by nonsexual ones. And yet sex reigns…. Why is sex a success, despite all its disadvantages?” (2.)

The Intelligent Design view of created sexuality, is happily free of the necessity to have sexual pleasure a servant of reproductive success. ID and other creationists are quite able to accept this created and designed function as pure pleasure, just for fun, just for happiness, just because God loves women and wants them to have a good time.

The apostate Christian church turns creation on its head when it proclaims that the only function of sexuality is reproduction. Christianity is guilty of demonized steps freeing the pleasure of sex from reproduction. Being fruitful, multiplying, and replenishing the earth is a wonderful task given by the Creator to animals and man. But being one flesh, naked and unashamed cleaving is good and holy, even when having babies is either not desired, necessary, or possible.


The Adventist doctrine of creation should remind believers that the creation narrative in Genesis does not suggest that man is the crowning work of God’s creation. 

If you believe that God took seven days or that God took 13.8 billion years to prepare a place for us, it is a clear that His creative activities, days, stages, eras, steps were cumulative and progressive, he was getting ready for something with light, atmosphere, earth, plants, astronomy, water creatures, air creatures, land creatures, then Adam the naked human.

Each step was a preparation for advanced carbon based life, each chambered nautilus, tree fern, creeping thing, banana plant, herd animal, canine, chimpanzee and gorilla, was another step towards the crowning work of creation. 

And one of the vital steps was the creation of sexual reproduction. This most unlikely method of reproduction, this complicated and reciprocal snag in the theory of undirected evolution, this completely unexplained complexity on Darwinian principles, was part of the preparation for what was to come. The naked man was a great step, made unlike the other preceding creatures in the image of God. But like the animals, very much in the need of his sexual partner. 

After God made male and female apes, God made a man. But creation still had not reached its peak, its crown, its intended goal, until God made…. woman. (If you believe that man is the crown of creation because God made Adam first, then I suggest you might just as logically believe that the chimpanzee is the crown of creation, because God made the chimp before he made Adam!)

The Genesis creation story, if it says anything about gender relationships, should be clearly understood as saying that Woman was God’s crowning work. Women after the fall have been deemed inferior and subservient to men, but in Christianity women will be Re-deemed; Re-valued; Re-placed back in their original place, as the peak, the ruler, the Crown of Creation. First among equals? At very least equal for sure.


In a world without human rebellion and sin, God alone was not enough for the human. (3.) Adam had his Creator. He was uniquely created by YAHWEH Elohim. He conversed with Him and was given the pleasure of a task to do in identifying all the animals.

Adam was in the image of God, just as the apes were created in the image of man. And lemurs and bush babies were created in the image of apes. But even though Adam had the animals and Adam had God, it was not enough. 

God knew that of course, but wanted Adam to know it too, wanted Adam to value what was coming next, wanted Adam to realize that he needed more than God. This naked man needed his naked and unashamed woman . And as the animals had been created first to serve him, Adam was created first to meet the needs and serve Eve.

How satanic that the Christian church began to forbid marriage. How unbiblical that she ever taught that, “It is very good and very spiritual for men to live without women, and women to live without men.” Bah! Humbug! Begone celibacy, monkery, nunnery.

How satanic that the Christian church men taught that, “It is God’s plan that women were created to serve the needs of men.” Bah! Humbug! B gone male chauvinism and male rulership; God’s original plan was female Queenship.

How satanic that it has taken the church 1,844 years since the Holy Ghost proclaimed through the lips of Paul, that in Christ there is no male or female before Adventism welcomed a female spiritual leader in Ellen White. How sad that not till 2,012 has our church begun to demand gender equality in ministry. Bah! Humbug! Begone “”.

When our General Conference President is a skilled and capable woman administrator, perhaps this prophecy can then be fulfilled: “When the character of Christ shall be perfectly reproduced in His people, then He will come to claim them as His own.” (2.)

Adventism should know all the truths that creation teaches—plants are the best food, the 7th day is the Sabbath, women were not created subordinate to men, and sexuality is not something that could evolve without an Intelligent Designer having a plan.

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2.)Carl Zimmer, “Evolution: The Triumph of an Idea”, 2001, p. 230, 231.
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