by Adventist Today News Team

Late Wednesday (June 12) Pastor Dan Jackson, president of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in North America, released a statement concerning the health of Pastor Mark Finley, one of the most widely known evangelists in the denomination. Finley retired as a vice president of the General Conference (GC) in 2010 and is currently assisting Pastor Ted Wilson, president of the GC, with an evangelism campaign in New York City.
Finley is facing a health challenge which necessitated extensive testing, said Dr. Peter Landless, a physician and health ministries director for the GC, in the statement. "He has a condition which could be termed pre-myeloma. The small number of abnormal cells in the bone marrow produces a protein (immunoglobulin). We are thankful to report that the bone marrow, otherwise, is functioning well. This condition is known as MGUS (monoclonal gammopathy of uncertain significance), and often remains static with no further progression."
The statement said that Finley and his wife, Teenie, "are of good courage, and their hearts’ desire is that God be glorified in and through every circumstance of their lives." Dr. Landless also stated that he has advised Finley to "cut down his activities, take appropriate time for rest, and limit his travel commitments."
"We request that you lift Mark, Teenie and their family up in your prayers, not only on the issue of his health, but also as they mourn the passing of Elder Finley’s father," Jackson said. "As a courtesy and consideration to their privacy, please direct emails of support and condolence to Elder Finley’s assistant, Joy Alexander. She can be reached at ."