14 May 2020  |

Washington Adventist University’s (WAU) model for the COVID-19 pandemic, as seen on their website, is “being informed and prepared.”

During this time of uncertainty, we students are patient and understanding. Of course, many of our events have been delayed and/or canceled due to social distancing.

However, on May 6, 2020, we were informed several programs at WAU—Social Work, Math, Education, History, BioChem/Chemistry, Political Science and Communicationwill be eliminated effective June 30, 2020.

The students preparing for degrees in these programs have not been given clear communication regarding WAU’s plans and efforts in order to see every student succeed. We are urging WAU to help us prepare for our next step towards finishing our degrees by finalizing a plan for transition. Their website, along with clear communication from each affected department to the students, should offer information as to updates and changes in response to the current situation.

Through the medium of Adventist Today we appeal to the administration of WAU to look into the concerns of the impacted students looking to complete their degrees and hold onto hope during this time of uncertainty and concern.

Thank you.
Brittany Shorter

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