November 1, 2016:    “God and fashion do not have to be mutually exclusive,” said Adventist entrepreneur Stacie Elkoury.

Elkoury, with Catholic friends Allison Sebastiani and Beth Fenton, have created Chssing Grace, a Christian fashion company in Sonoma, Northern California.

The fashion apparel and accessories company is a hybrid online/bricks and mortar operation.

The inspiration for the business came when Sebastiani couldn’t find fashionable clothes that also spoke to her Christian faith.

According to the Sonoma Index-Tribune, Sebastiani approached her business partners and pitched them on an approach that would “change the conventional wisdom of what today’s Christian woman looks like.”

“We believe that faith is fashionable and that it can be worn and shared with sophistication, elegance and pride,” said Sebastiani.

“We all loved the word ‘grace,’” said Elkoury. “To us it exuded a journey and a goal all at once. It’s something that we are constantly seeking in every aspect of lives – as mothers, partners, business people and in our friendships.”

The Adventist entrepreneur added: “Chasing Grace became not only the name of our business but, we hope, a lifestyle.”

The business is online at, but the Christian trio has also joined forces with nearby West Napa Street boutique Perlé to feature their products.

A cut of the profits from the venture go to Compassion Collective, a nonprofit that helps children in need in the US and internationally.