15 October 2018 | A hospital in Tulare, California, has opened under the management of Adventist Health nearly a year after it was declared bankrupt by previous management. AH has loaned $10 million to the healthcare facility and several repairs and building updates have been made ahead of the opening on Monday, October 15.

Tulare Regional Medical Center Board President, Kevin Northcraft, said Adventist Health had exceeded expectations since discussions about the system managing the Tulare hospital began in June.

“It leads me to believe we will have a glorious partnership,” said Northcraft.

According to the Visalia Times Delta, the hospital has hired 265 employees, about half of which worked for the facility before it closed.

Tulare Regional Medical Center will offer acute care services including an emergency department, medical and surgical nursing, intensive care, emergency surgery, anesthesia, pharmacy, nutritional services, medical imaging, and lab.

Adventist Health runs 20 hospitals and over 280 clinics on the West Coast and in Hawaii. It also operates home care and hospice agencies. The system is headquartered in Sacramento, California and is affiliated with the Adventist Church.

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