By James Hoffer, submitted May 6, 2015    Here is a hilarious poem especially for spring, from the author of a new book, Secrets and Mysteries of the Lost Ark: A Bible Adventure. You can learn more at


With tender care I planted there

A refuge and a haven;

I pulled much weed, I sowed much seed,

I visualized my Eden.


At last—’twas done! and growth begun

Of plant and flower and verdure;

With joyful air I breathed a prayer

For contemplated nurture.


Stand by! Give place! Behold the race,

As countless individuals

At once apprize and recognize

The likelihood of victuals.


Look now—forsooth! as claw and tooth

Of creatures bold, yet wary,

With omnivorous ecstasy

Now grace my sanctuary.


O coleopterous canticle!

O lagomorphic ballad!

O hark the ring of paw and wing

Descending on the salad!


Ye creatures wild, so meek, so mild,

I pause to beg your pardon—

That sacred ground that you have found

Was meant to be my garden!


(Published in Renewed and Ready, May 2010)

Copyright 2013 by James R. Hoffer, Ringgold, Georgia. Used by permission of the author.