Copyright 2012 by David R. Montgomery
W.W. Norton & Company, Inc., 500 Fifth Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10110
Reviewed by Andy Hanson
Saint Augustine, Thomas Aquinas, Leonardo da Vinci, Martin Luther, John Calvin, Copernicus, and Galileo concluded that the biblical story of Noah’s Flood could be supported by evidence and reasoned argument. These stories and many others, old and new, are recounted in detail, along with the scientific evidence accumulated to test them.
Rocks Don’t Lie is the best nonfiction book I have read in a decade. In just 257 pages, David Montgomery explains why virtually all geologists and many devout Christians abandoned believing that the flood of Noah sculpted the surface of the Earth and buried the fossils…[He] traces the debates over the antiquity of life on Earth and explains why we can—now more than ever—trust the evidence found in the rocks.
Even though he writes for a general audience, when you have finished the book, you can intelligently discuss the ancient flood story and its attendant historical and scientific controversies with anyone!
Montgomery concludes with these words. “We may argue endlessly about how to interpret the Bible, but the rocks don’t lie. They tell it like it was.”