by Debbonnaire Kovacs

          The One spoke. “I AM unity and grace.
          But you may choose.” So Me-First tore away,
          And ripped a bloody gash in time and space.
          A world crashed through and, blinded, wept for day.
          The One spoke. “I AM with you, fractured race.”
          A girl said yes, and felt a sudden shift,
          As if stars stumbled in their measured pace
          When their Creator stepped into the rift.
          The One spoke. “I AM here.” A lightning trace
          Of incandescent shock lit herdsmens’ eyes
          As splendent strangers from another place
          Exploded into song that un-told lies.
          The torture eased; space-time slid back in place
          Around His damply wrinkled newborn face.
                                                Debbonnaire Kovacs, 2003