20 September 2020 | Jey Reis, an Adventist teen in Bahia, Brazil, has launched a career on the video platform TikTok where she has 1.2 million followers.

According to an Adventist News Network (ANN) story, Jey Jey (her social media identity) has posted over 300 videos, all of them about Jesus. The videos have garnered 22 million likes.

“I believe that the internet is a pulpit for the preaching of the gospel,” said Jey Jey to the news agency of the South American Division of the denomination.

Her content includes preaching, music and comedy. Her creative process involves prayer and Bible study and what she calls a “daily study routine” of online research. She also talks things over with her parents. All this leads to ideas for videos.

“I am an influencer who is completely influenced by Jesus. And so, I try every day to help my followers to get closer to Him as a friend,” said Jey Jey.

She says she gets feedback from fans saying her content has led them to share messages about Jesus online.

“I am very happy to know that my ministry inspires the beginning of other ministries!”

Image credit: SAD/ANN

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