28 June 2018 | The board of Tulare Regional Medical Center voted 4-1 to approve a proposal by Adventist Health to take over the hospital. The facility is set to be turned over to Adventist Health Central Valley Network and could open for business within four months. This would mean a re-opening of the hospital within a year of its closure.

This timeline would satisfy a deadline for Tulare Regional Medical Center to reopen before the expiration of a one-year temporary license suspension in October.

According to the Fresno Bee, Tulare Board President, Kevin Northcraft said that the under the approved proposal, Adventist Health will offer technical assistance to re-open the facility and extend a $10 million line of credit this year.

The board agreed to take the next step to make the proposal a reality by placing an initiative on a November 6 ballot for a long-term lease of the district hospital to Adventist Health.

Andrea Kofl, president of Adventist Health Central Valley Network, said via a written statement that AH was, “grateful to the Tulare board, Citizens for Hospital Accountability and community for their courage and tenacity in getting to this next step in reopening the hospital. We are blessed to serve with the Tulare team and and eager to see what we accomplish together.”

Adventist Health runs 20 hospitals and over 280 clinics on the West Coast and in Hawaii. It also operates home care and hospice agencies. According to the Sacramento Business Journal, it is the third-largest private company in the Sacramento region with $3.95 billion in 2016 revenue. The system is affiliated with the Adventist Church.

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