by AT News Team

Are you in college? Did you attend college? Either way, the Association of Adventist Colleges and Universities would like to hear from you. This consortium of educational administrators would like to know more about the experience of real people relative to Adventist higher education, if they attended or did not. In other words even if you were aware of colleges and universities sponsored by the Adventist Church and, for one reason or another, decided to attend some other school(s).
To respond to the survey, type or cut and paste the following web address into your browser:
For one reason or another, you cannot click this link and you must be careful to type it into your browser, not a search engine window.
If you need some encouragement, perhaps the opportunity to win one of ten iPod phones will help. That is offered to each respondent.
“The survey asks respondents to rate their satisfaction with their college experience,” says Robert Weaver, executive director of the association. The finding will help the leaders of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in North America to “improve the academic, spiritual and social experiences of students attending both Adventist colleges and public or other private colleges.”
The research team includes Jimmy Kijai, Larry Burton and Duane Covrig from the faculty of Andrews University and Vinita Sauder from the faculty of Southern Adventist University. Their mandate is to deliver top-quality data for the administrators and boards of these institutions. To do that, they need your participation!
If you have any difficulty accessing the survey or giving your answers, you can contact Weaver at or (402) 486-2580. Adventist Today will publish some of the key results from this project as soon as they become available.