There’s nothing like a song to capture our current circumstances. Do you remember this one? 


There is sunshine in my soul today

More glorious and bright

Than glows in any earthly sky

For Jesus is my light


There is music in my soul today

A carol to my King

And Jesus, listening can hear

The song I cannot sing


There is gladness in my soul today

And hope, and praise, and love

For blessings which He gives me now

For joys laid up above


I could almost hear you singing along! These are the stanzas (without the chorus) to Sunshine in My Soul. The first stanza symbolizes my delight with how the Summer Fundraiser is progressing. The second stanza seems so appropriate to our unusual (and, for many, difficult) times.

The third stanza expresses how our lives have been enriched during our Summer Fundraiser by the Messages of Hope. They have given us just what we needed to hear. Have you heard them all?

Our minds have been informed by the news, commentary, and features from the Adventist community around the globe, and we have been given great reading these last 10 days. We’ve realized we’re not alone, and that has lifted our spirits.

And you have also been generous with your giving to fund the mission of independent journalism and innovative ministry resources here at Adventist Today.

Over the past 10 days we asked to hear from…

You have generously given. How can we thank you enough for believing in Adventist Today! We have heard from 167 readers/viewers who have given $24,000 so far. Wow!

We’d love to hear from those who still want to say, “We’re with you, Adventist Today!” Our experience is, an amount of money equal to what comes in through our 10-day fundraiser, still comes in through the end of the month.

If you have not done so already, please show your support in one of the following ways…

  • Use the response card and envelope we’ve mailed to you to send a check to AT (or use your own envelope and mail to the address provided below)
  • Go online and complete the donation form for a one-time or monthly gift
  • Or, call 800.236.3641 or 503.826.8600 and we’ll fill out the online form for you

With sunshine in my soul today,

Paul Richardson, COO
For the Entire AT Team

PS: Here is our really fun thank-you video for your generosity.