10 June 2019 | Adventists on St. Croix (one of the U.S. Virgin Islands) organized a motorcade featuring red flags that went from one end of the island to the other. “Caravan Red Flag” took place last Saturday and was organized to protest abuse of all kinds as part of an ongoing “enditnow” anti-abuse campaign run by the Adventist Church worldwide.

The red flag theme aimed to communicate 10 warning signs of abuse. Recorded audio messages of the warning signs were played from the motorcade.

The motorcade started at the island’s Altona Lagoon and ended at the Eliza James-McBean clock tower in Frederiksted.

“Sometimes people don’t even know they’re being abused, especially emotional abuse,” said Linda Ambrose, the director for women, children and family life at the North Caribbean Conference. “So we wanted to highlight the red flags to tell you if you’re in an abusive situation.”

According to the St.Thomas Source, these signs were:

“– Guilt-tripping
– Insulting remarks
– Jealousy
– Not allowing a partner to make important decisions autonomously
– Overbearing demands
– Lack of empathy or compassion
– Dominance over a partner’s finances
– Gaslighting
– Feelings of isolation on the victim’s part
– Turning a partner against family and friends”

The motorcade joined other “enditnow” motorcades organized by the denomination in St. Thomas, Virgin Gorda, Tortola and Eustatius.

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