by Adam Hendron

Our new water heater is bigger than the old one. That makes for better showers, but required remodeling to fit it in. The location, however, is not discrete. Our home's builder put this unit right next to the kitchen sink. We've employed a drop cloth to make it less noticeable.


The horizontal wall strips that make our home look like a log cabin needed to be trimmed back. Having just measured the needed length, I cut my first board at 60 inches. Turns out, that was 6 inches short. In a tone unworthy of the name, I cried out, "Jesus! Why did you let that happen?"


I had committed my day to Christ that morning, as is my custom. If I make a mistake, there is usually at least a hint of warning beforehand. This time, nothing.


Fist pumping, jaw clenched… I was hacked. This was aged wood of an irregular, rough grade. The original appearance would be impossible to reproduce.


Resigned to tack a piece on the end and see an extra seem, I continued cutting the other 5 boards. Coming to number four, I realized that it needed to be cut even shorter than the first; I could swap it with the 60" piece and recover the 6 inches that I'd lost!


Okay, Jesus, I see why you allowed this. I'm the one who needs to be cut down to size. Thanks… again.