05 November 2021 | The Treasurer’s Report for the North American Division (NAD) was presented by Randy Robinson, NAD Treasurer, at the third business session of the NAD 2021 Year-End Meeting on Nov. 1, 2021

And it was like, “WHOA.”

Despite the pandemic, 2020 ended with a tithe gain. Although double-digit losses had been expected, the year ended with a nearly 2 percent increase in tithe. “I look at 2020 in the context of really a miracle,” said Robinson. “Miraculous 2020.”

If 2020 was a miracle, the NAD is headed for mirabilia because 2021 is looking even better. The NAD has had double-digit tithe gains to the tune of 12.06 percent through September YTD (year to date).

Kinda makes us wonder why people keep complaining local churches are underfunded (that is a joke; calm down, people).

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Other highlights from the Treasurer’s Report include:

  • In the “September: YTD Expense Summary,” all of the departmental expenses were under budget, with one notable exception: Retirement Contribution, which was greater than the budgeted expense by 6.79 percent at $148,618 (all numbers in USD).

Serious Dough

    • Gross tithe has been more than a billion dollars every year since 2016. It was at a historic high in 2020 with $1.093 billion and is expected to be significantly higher this year.
    • 9 out of 9 unions had a tithe gain. Church in Canada took lead with tithe gain of 21.61 percent.
    • Income from all sources is more than budget by $6,372,092.
    • Net tithe income is more than budget by $4,933,860.
    • Cash and investments stand at $98,618,952 — ahead of last year by $22,440,347.
    • The division has enough money on hand to continue operating for 249 days (Net Days Cash); the target is 202 days.
    • Expenses are under budget by $6,961,175.
    • Bottom line (from Operations): is positive by $14,124,571 — which is $13,333,266 better than budget.
    • Bottom line (Overall): is positive by $15,027,137 —which is $15,051,457 better than budget.

Time to Get Cookin’

What to do with the surplus?

  • Guard the solid financial footing, according to Robinson.
  • Also, focus on missions in the NAD, with particular emphasis on large cities and Centers of Influence.
  • “It is time for us to move forward in ways we have not thought of before, and I think God is providing an ability for us to do that,” said Bryant.

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(Photo: The NAD has double-digit tithe gains of 12.06 percent through September YTD (year to date). Photo via screenshot)

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