5 February 2019 | An Adventist conference in Ghana has joined the Church of Pentecost in the country in calling for members not to take sexually provocative pre-wedding photos.

In an interview on local 93.9 FM’s ‘Maakye’ morning show, Accra City Conference Comunications official, Elder Kwabena Ofori Amoah, said, “It is a great call, and if all churches in Ghana were to follow this directive and call on their members to desist from such ungodly acts, it would bring some sanity into the system because it has become so ugly how Christians portray themselves in the name of courting which does not glorify God.”

Amoah added that the Church of Pentecost and the Adventist Church are using pre-marital counseling to discourage photos with sexual connotations.

GhanaWeb reported that the Church of Pentecost in the country has not issued an outright ban on pre-wedding photos but has discouraged members from taking them, especially if they are sexually provocative.

According to the Adventist denomination’s Office of Archives, Statistics and Research, there were 23,833 Adventists in the Accra City Conference as of June 30, 2017.

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