12 October 2020 | Sahmyook University, the Adventist university in South Korea, has allocated USD 1.2 million to COVID-19 relief scholarships for students.

According to a story from Adventist News Network (ANN), each Sahmyook student is being offered  ₩300,000 (approximately USD 250) COVID-19 for the first semester.

In total, 5,281 students registered for the first semester this year. Each was given ₩100,000 (USD 87) as a cost-of-living grant in August. The remaining ₩200,000 (USD 175) will be removed from tuition fees for the fall semester. This tuition waiver can be applied to future semesters if students plan to take the upcoming semester off.

According to Sahmyook, the money for the COVID-19 relief comes from funds previously used for merit-based scholarships that were not offered this semester, as the pandemic made it hard to determine academic performance.

In addition, 236 people, including 138 professors and 98 staff at the university, raised USD 63,000 for the fund.

“We hope this special scholarship will help ease the financial burden for students,” says Kim IlMok, president of Sahmyook University, according to the ANN story. “I appreciate all the employees who participated in the scholarship fund, professors who have been doing their best to provide education for their students by holding classes online, and students who do not lose hope and pursue their studies. I hope that all of us will continue to pull together to overcome difficult times.”

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