Dear Editor,

Having just read Jere Webb’s letter published today, November 23, 2015 I have several comments:

1. Adventist Today is not church organ and is under no obligation to “remain silent” on any topic it chooses to address. In fact, one of the reasons I’ve found Adventist Today so useful and refreshing is it’s independence, financially and politically, from the organized denominational structure. The fact that it “took a position” regarding the astonishing Trump comments regarding his process for sexual assault and other equally obnoxious comments is highly commendable.

The fact that one of the editorial staff commented on this incredibly crudity also raises my estimation of the publication. The fact that the editor is a pastor (not in his pulpit, I might add) and took this stand is not only correct but brave!

This quotation is well-worn for good reason. . .

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” (Edmund Burke)

  1. By far the most egregious error Webb makes is his naive, if not infantile, definition of forgiveness. At no point did Trump actually apologize for his “pussy grabbing” comment or any of the other astonishing insults he hurled at men and women he encountered on the campaign trail.

And furthermore, at no point has he indicated by word or action that he understand the damage done by these words and actions or indicated the actions he is taking to make sure he is no longer behaving in this way.

And there is a reason Carolyn Nelson’s article was the fourth most read article in the last three months and it nothing to do with Trump’s picture. It is because women all over the world have been subject to Trump-like behavior for generations and it resonated with them. And if Webb thinks that an “apology” read from a teleprompter and then promptly negated by an excuse about mistreatment by the media equals “forgiveness,” he has some study to do.

And here’s a couple of good places to start:
When is an abuser’s apology not an apology?
Six Things to Know About Sexual Abuse and Forgiveness

Finally, thank you for taking a stand and keep up the good work!

Warren “Butch” Nelson

Vancouver, Washingon