by Clive Holland

Special Report: General Conference and Adventist Today In Possession of La Sierra University Recording

Ervin Taylor

The General Conference of SDAs has received a copy of a recording of a presentation by General Conference and Union Conference officials to members of the LSU Faculty. Following that presentation, the conversation of four individuals, three of whom have resigned from their LSU administrative and faculty positions and the fourth, who resigned from the LSU Board of Trustees, was also recorded.  Adventist Today has received what appears to be an accurate copy of that entire recording which is in the hands of General Conference officials. We understand that there are other copies in existence. 

Adventist Today is currently having that recording transcribed into text to be able to evaluate in detail the statements of the GC and Union Conference officials and former LSU administrators, faculty, and board member to determine the substance of what could have required their resignations. 

As soon as the transcription of the text is completed, Adventist Today will make a determination of how to report on the GC and Union conference officials’ statements.


From La Sierra University campus-wide email distribution
Sunday, June 12, 2011

The president and the provost of La Sierra University regret to announce the resignations of four members of our university family.

On Friday, June 10, Board Chair Ricardo Graham requested the resignations of Dr. Jeff Kaatz from his position as Vice President for University Advancement, Dr. Jim Beach from his position as Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences, Dr. Gary Bradley from his part-time faculty position in the Biology Department, and Mr. Lenny Darnell from the Board of Trustees.

These resignations have been accepted and are effective immediately. Campus administration is unable, at this time, to offer any additional details regarding the decisions of these individuals.  Further information will be made available as appropriate.

We invite you to keep our campus in your prayers as we move through this difficult time for the university.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Last night you received notification of the resignations of four campus leaders. Already we have heard reports of a great deal of speculation taking place on campus and on the internet.

Please understand these resignations have no connection to the biology controversy. There is also no connection with students.

La Sierra University’s President and Provost learned of the situation Friday afternoon. Since then, the administration continues to deal with the matter fully in accordance with internal University policies and our commitments as a Seventh-day Adventist University.

Further information will be made available as appropriate.

University administration requests that as you speak with students, you communicate the above information. Please note, too, that university policies are being carefully followed. The university is committed to ensuring that students have a successful final week and an outstanding graduation weekend.

We encourage each of you to keep our campus family and our students in your prayers.

Larry Becker
La Sierra University  |  Executive Director, University Relations