Tony Romeo, Jan 6, 2015    The following is taken from a New Year letter written by Pastor Tony Romeo, executive pastor, which we thought would be of interest to our readers. REACH-NYC is an independent ministry seeking to help others in creative ways that are focused and open to members of all faith traditions. Our leadership has spent many hours developing programs that reach the needs of all classes of people living in this vast metropolis and do it with knowledge gained by understanding that dialogue and a receptive acceptance of everyone is vital in the times in which we live.


If the last week or so have been as busy for you and your family as it has been for me and my family, then you could use a relaxing break just about now. It’s the day after Christmas and boy, do we all need to take a break.

In the link below is a relaxing piece of music and the story behind it that I hope you enjoy.

I received a phone call about four weeks ago from a resident of Greenwich Village, NYC. He was a flutist looking for a place to record some music for his friend, Nicholas Duchamp.

He was wondering how much it would cost for him and his associate to record a flute solo in the sanctuary of Historic Manhattan Seventh-day Adventist Church. He had heard that REACH-NYC and the church were opening doors to the community, and had attended some of the recent concerts.

Well, I thought I would share with you Avi Eilam-Amzallag – Taksim for Solo Flute – played by Nicholas Duchamp, the piece that was recorded in the 1881 landmark sanctuary of the church I pastor. It was recorded on Tuesday, December 9, 2014. Take a few minutes out and just relax and enjoy.

We never did charge any fee for the use of the church sanctuary for that recording, and Jonathan Brahms, the flutist that first called me about making the recording, agreed to play his flute for our benefit concert. He played in our “Classic Greenwich Village Christmas Concert,” accompanied by Bob Wilson on piano.

We are now working with Nicholas Duchamp, who is planning on having a ten-flute concert with some of his fellow musicians in an upcoming concert in June 2015.

Jonathan, a person I now consider a friend, whispered to me while he was attending our reception for the musicians and guests at our Christmas concert, that he had first called another local church but never received a call back. He was surprised when I returned his email and call within two hours. I have found that being professional in New York City brings great rewards. In this case, the reward was a new friend and some fantastic music.

This is how connections are made with the community. This is how conversations are started, bringing people together.


This past year, REACH-NYC-sponsored events have delivered needed services, with our partners in ministry, to such groups as “Sister Friends Galleria, Supporting Low Income Women and Their Children” who help women who are homeless learn skills and transition into housing of their own.

REACH-NYC has also sponsored three concerts this past year, with local professional talent attracting 80% of attendees from the Greenwich Village and surrounding communities of New York City. At these concerts a reception is held that introduces those attending the reception to meet the musicians, as well as to taste and enjoy healthy vegetarian foods made especially for our guests.

At our last concert in August, an amazing contact was made via a guest from Israel, who in turn connected REACH-NYC with a famous musical group from Israel who will be playing at our first sponsored event in March of 2015.

REACH-NYC also sponsors weekly small group Bible studies, pastoral counseling, and other needed services. We have even conducted funeral arrangements for those who wanted something special for a departed loved one.

It is a special honor to now have twelve different groups that meet at this magnificent venue, the Historic Manhattan Seventh-day Adventist Church, to help people struggling with addictions and family histories to have a safe and consistent place to meet weekly in their various recovery groups.

All of us at REACH-NYC wish you the very best for the New Year. May God grant each of us peace and a calm spirit.


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