9 April 2021 | Taiwan News reported on April 8 that prosecutors had raided Taiwan Adventist Hospital in search for evidence supporting an alleged NT$1.22 million (US$42,800) health insurance scam.

Investigators are questioning eight individuals, including the hospital’s president, Huang Hui-ting (黃暉庭), in connection with forgery and fraud, according to Taiwan News, referencing a story by the Mandarin publication Liberty Times.

“The prosecutors are reportedly acting upon information that from 2013 to 2018, the suspects arranged for companies to send employees to the hospital for health checkups not allowed under the rules established by the Ministry of Labor,” said Taiwan News, relaying the Liberty Times story.

The alleged scheme is suspected to have encompassed hospital employees, outside clinics, and three private companies, one of which is registered in the British Virgin Islands.

The group is accused of receiving fraudulent health insurance payments and splitting these funds between them.

Adventist Today reached out to Taiwan Adventist Hospital and received this April 9 statement:

1. Several of the accusations by the media have already been fully investigated internally by the Adventist organization, with no fault found.

2. Regardless of the disputed accusations which are still under investigation by Taiwan’s legal process (which, by law, we cannot comment on at this time), nevertheless, the full staff here at Taiwan Adventist Hospital are continuing to follow the spirit of Jesus Christ in providing holistic health care to all people. Our top priority is still to maintain the highest patient satisfaction in becoming the leader both in therapeutic and preventative medicine in Taiwan.

3. At this challenging time for the hospital management team, we pray for justice and we ask for your continued support and prayers and trust, just as you have given us in the past.

Taiwan Adventist Hospital was first established in 1955. It is accredited by the Joint Commission International body. Its mission is “To follow the spirit of Jesus and provide holistic care.”

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